Rental Equipment

Wheelchair rental? Hospital Bed Rental? Westside Medical Supply is your trusted source for medical equipment rental. We carry a wide variety of medical equipment to assist with mobility or comfort issues after surgery or to aid in you indoor/outdoor mobility should the need arise. Here is a list of all the equipment we can provide. Contact us or stop into either location to rent equipment.

Rentable Products List

Manual  Wheelchairs
(including light-weight chairs) – These are designed to make life easier if long distance mobility may become an issue.

Transport chairs
Much lighter for the ease of transporting. They have the small 8” wheels so you will need to be pushed.

Power Wheelchairs
Great for navigating in the home as you can get through doorways easier than a scooter and also have higher back supports than a scooter.

POV’s – Great for the Lilac Fest or getting to the outdoor picnic.

Hospital beds (with mattress and short or long side rails)
Note the popular is a semi electric bed, but some people may need a full electric which allows you full control of the bed via a hand pendent. Lastly note, Low beds are available for use which go lower to the floor for those who may have issues with transferring or those who may be at risk for falls from a higher  bed height.

Specialty Mattresses
Low Air Loss for pressure prevention or after surgery on the buttocks

Over Bed Tables
Great for holding the phone, a plate and aids to daily living while in bed

Remember the longest portable is 12’ so we can assist in guiding the proper length ramp for your ability to get in and out of your home. We can also do a house call to determine which one will best meet your need. Snap a pic of the entrance on your phone and email it to us so we can get a better picture of the situation.

Patient lifts
These are great to assist with transfers to and from the bed or bed to commode.

Roll-a-bout style knee walker
This is a great assistive device that takes the place of crutches and is mostly used for post op use after ankle or foot surgery. The newest units are swivel in style and a blessing in disguise for the after surgery mobility issues. This device is rented over a period of 8 weeks with a cost against use-age program.

U-Step Walker
Its ultra-stable foundation braces you in every direction. It is not like pushing a typical walker. Instead, the U-Step walker surrounds you and moves with you. You will feel as stable as you would fee holding onto another person’s arm.

Cold Therapy Unit
This is the cooling device that one would use post op knee or shoulder surgery. This item is rented by the week and is a great  recovery tool to aid in swelling prevention and assist with getting you back into your routine.

Laser Touch One
This device is just amazing. It truly does help increase range of motion and prevent pain whether it’s post op surgery or to aid in wrist,  Knee, hip, back, neck pain etc. This device is FDA approved and is catching on in the marketplace real fast with its positive results. I have spoken to a Physical therapist who told me this prevents atrophy in the lower extremities and has been helpful in healing skin pressure sores. Please stop in for a 10 minute free demonstration to see if it makes a difference in your life.

Seat Lift Chairs
These come in a variety of sizes. We stock the largest selection of chairs in Rochester. We have single motor chairs for rent and a dual motor chair. What this means is if you have recently had a hip replacement, you may not be able to sit at a certain angle. The dual motor chair allows you to open the hip angle up more than a single motor chair thus relieving comfort. The dual motor also allows you to sit straighter than the single motor chair while having your legs stretched out straight. Westside Medical will also extend the first month rental toward the purchase of any of the above items.

Note – all the above items can be delivered by Westside Medical with full instruction and setup on delivery.