P.T.Rail Angled


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Adjustable Rail Angles

Features an adjustment screw to customize rail angle to suit even the steepest stairs.


Safe Fold Away Storage

Easily folds up to store out of the way and will not accidentally fall down causing an impact injury. A machined precision, tension fit hinge creates stable, rock solid support.


Support For 2 and 3 Step Stairs

An excellent support option for sunken living rooms, decks, patios or 2 and 3 step stairs in garages.


Great For Getting In & Out Of Jacuzzis

The P.T.Rail™ Angled can be mounted with a mast at the threshold of a corner tub or Jacuzzi for optimal support. For larger tubs with stairs, mount 2 P.T.Rail™ Angled rails back to back for help getting in and out of the bathtub.


Wall or Floor Mounted Options

Can be mounted to virtually any wall with basic structural reinforcements. Where structural reinforcements are not desirable, the P.T.Rail™ Angled can be mounted to a P.T. Wall Plate (sold separately) that spans structural studs for rock-solid support. A floor mast is also available when floor mounting is preferred (sold separately).

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