R82 Traveller Plus El


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R82 Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Traveller Plus EL from Britax USA, the worldwide leader in child restraint innovation. Please note that the Tan Traveller is no longer available.

The Traveller Plus EL accommodates children weighing up to 105 lbs., and can be installed with either a lap belt or a lap shoulder belt combination, allowing you to use the Traveller Plus in any forward facing rear vehicle seat. The child restraint is LATCH compliant for children up to 48 pounds, and includes a Versa-TetherĀ®.

The Traveller Plus includes a plush Onyx cover and abductor, extended length straps, redesigned head cushions, and a crotch pad that incorporates a buckle cover. An optional seat extension is available that attaches directly to the front of the seat for a deeper and more comfortable fit for larger children.

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