Knee-Ease Pillow, DMI


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  • If you need additional support and comfort when you sleep, the attractive DMI Foam Knee Pillow is uniquely contoured to fit between your legs and help ease pain in your back, leg, hip and knee areas
  • This pillow also promotes proper alignment of the spine, hips and knees so you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning
  • Enjoy improved circulation when you place this pillow in between your knees. The hypoallergenic foam provides excellent firm support as you sleep.
  • A customized fit. This pillow comes equipped with an adjustable hook and loop closure to conform to your knees and keep this pillow firmly in place.
  • Great for side sleepers. Whether you are turned to the left or the right, this pillow adapts to your body position throughout the night.
  • The removable polyester/cotton cover is machine washable