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Minuet LDC Breast Pump


Minuet Features:

  • LCD Display
  • Comfort Phase
  • Massage/Expression mode & suction level control
  • Comes as a double kit and can be used single or double
  • Rechargeable Battery – 1hr 30 mins of charging will give 2hr 30 mins or portable pumping life
  • USB port for convenient charging
  • Convenient 360-degree swivel top prevents air tube bending & suction loss
  • Portable, lightweight and quiet – enabling discreet expressing while on the go
  • Closed System for hygienic milk backflow prevention
  • BPA Free & Non -Toxic on all components
  • Optional silicone massager to provide extra massage stimulation and let down.


The Unimom Minuet LCD is able to fit snugly in your hands. Though it ’s small and compact, the newest breast pump by Unimom, the Minuet LC D is strong and powerful (suction up to 300MMHG) and is able to effortlessly add on another breast shield for the user to do double pumping.

It can be easily charged by an AC adapter or via any USB cable that can be connected to the smartphone power bank, unlike other competitive breast pumps that require a special USB cable. In just 1 hr. and 45 mins, the recharged Minuet can be used for an estimate of 2 hr. 30 mins.

Minuet comes with an easy to use massage/expression mode that can be changed with the massager button. The massage levels are then clearly indicated on the attractive LED display.

The Minuet ’s breast shield membrane has a clever design of large bubbles that automatically massage the breasts whilst expressing, increasing the comfort levels of the user. The 9 suction level controls enable the user to adjust the vacuum cycles to her preference, with the 9 -level button function.

Two special patterns of expression mode on level 8 & 9 to mimic babies nursing pattern.

It’s convenient 360 -degree swivel function prevents the bending of air tube and vacuum reduction, allowing for a smoother experience.