Due to the COVID-19 issue, many of you are asking for Masks, thermometers, nebulizers, gloves, pulse oximeters, and some of these supplies we are limited to how many they will send to us. Please call our store and have your name added to the list. We will call you when the item you are looking for comes in. Westside Medical at 585-227-8750 or Eastside Medical at 585-623-8936

Soft-Touch Finger Pulse Oximeter


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  • Small and lightweight, this clip sensor automatically takes readings when a finger is inserted
  • Precise readings in seconds
  • Soft padding enhances patient comfort
  • SpO2, pulse rate, pulse bar, plethysmograph
  • Backlit LED display with 4 viewing modes
  • Includes AAA batteries, lanyard and warranty
  • Rx only
  • This product in not made with natural rubber latex