Up Walker


  • Supportive Upright Posture Walker
  • Less Pain, More Walking Comfort
  • Designed for Stability & Safety
  • Folds for Easy Transport
  • 3 Size Options for Best Fit
  • Arrives Fully Assembled

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UPWalker Features Provide Benefits Not Available in Traditional Walkers

  • Adjustable-Height Armrests – Padded armrests enable users of varying height to stand tall and look ahead with confidence and dignity.
  • Lockable Brakes – Ergonomic handbrakes are easy to use for better control, stopping and parking.
  • Comfortable Seat – Fabric seat with backrest support slides front to back for sitting or walking.
  • Sit-To-Stand Handles – Padded handles make the transition between sitting and standing easier and safer.
  • Multi-Terrain Wheels – Large 8-inch rubber wheels help to move smoothly over bumps and uneven surfaces.
  • Sturdy, Foldable Frame – Stylish, lightweight 23-pound frame folds easily for transport and storage yet strong enough to support 300 pounds.

Helpful UPWalker Accessories:

  • Backrest Support Detachable backrest provides comfortable support while sitting.
  • Beverage Holder Attaches to handgrip arm for easy access to your water bottle.
  • Personal Item Bag Polyester bag with fold-over top to conveniently stow personal items.
  • Luxury Item Bag Elegant design, sturdy material, side pockets and easy-access zippered top.
  • Shopping Bag Perfect for groceries, features handles to use as a carry bag.
  • Smartphone Holder Adjustable to securely hold phones of various sizes for handsfree operation.
  • Cane/Umbrella Holder Keep a cane or umbrella within easy reach with this two-piece holder.
  • Flashlight/Taillight Serves as a headlight, flashing safety light and rear-facing taillight.

3 UPWalker Size Options for Best Fit

The UPWalker is available in 3 sizes to accommodate user height from 4’4 to 6’4” and weight up to 350 lbs.