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With ultra-light and easy-to-fold frames, the Metro and Metro Transport (Bus) are the perfect choice for those who require a sturdy, special needs stroller. The Metro has been designed for everyday use, while the Metro Transport (Bus) model comes with bus tie-down brackets and has been crash-tested for use on a school bus. Both models feature integrated, contoured, heavy-duty seats with mesh upholstery center and 2 point positioning belts which provide comfortable and safe seating, compact folding for storage; and fire-retardant, breathable and anti-bacterial fabric. The seat angle is fixed at 30 degrees. Height adjustable, swing-away footplates provide extra comfort and support. Mediterranean blue upholstery.

Transport model also includes:

  • Headrest Extention
  • 3-point Positioning Belt
  • Foot Positioners

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