e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze


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A simple and economical alternative to floor base trapeze units. Features the innovative e2™ trapeze handle for increased leverage. Conveniently slides to the side of the bed when not in use.

Innovative e2™ Trapeze Handle 

Unlike conventional triangle trapeze handles, the e2™ trapeze handle simulates two rungs on a ladder allowing for better leverage when climbing up to a seated position.


Slide-Away Convenience

Will not obstruct the view. When not in use, the e2™ trapeze handle conveniently slides to the edge of the bed.


Space Efficient

Unlike bed mounted and floor based trapeze units that often require the bed to be away from the wall, The e2™ Ceiling Mount Trapeze maximizes valuable floor space.


Installs Like A Grab Bar

Mounts directly to structural studs of virtually any ceiling.

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