Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Splint


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The Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Splint is designed to reduce discomfort of plantar fasciitis. The Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Splint is made with a soft padding that makes it ideal for night use and protection against skin irritation.

Common Examples of Use

  • High ankle sprains

  • Sub-acute ankle sprains

  • Chronic ankle instabilities

Product Features

  • Designed to help minimize the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis

  • Allows the patient to apply a consistent 90° angle stretch of the plantar fascia by holding the foot in the gentle dorsiflexion position

  • Soft padded cover provides greater patient comfort and protection against irritation to the skin

  • Removable foam wedge insert included

  • Fits either the left or right foot

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